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Want to join the movement and get directly involved in creating a sustainable adventure movement? We are making it easy… become an “AMPling” today!

Questions, comments? Simply want to be a part of the movement? Email us through our Contact Page! Also find AMP on Indiegogo at and show your support in any way you can!

Everything- yes EVERYTHING- developed and shared here is open source for you to use, adapt, or improve any way you see fit. Down load the AMP logo and use the Press Release template to declare yourself, your organization, your school, your business, or your community committed to the AMP values and become an AMP affiliate. Tweak the logo, any illustration, or any content to meet your needs. Be creative and be part of something BIG! Already live the AMP values and support or use outdoor adventure education even better. You don’t have to change anything you already do –  just keep doing it, do it more, or do it better!